Amazon Echo, portable speaker that control with voice

Amazon continues to surprise with launches new product. Although it is true that not everyone is successful, consider the failure of Fire Phone, others paint much better as is the case of the recently shown Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a speaker that would not be anything special but it was because we can control it using voice commands. Exactly, as can imagine we can tell to play the music which can load autonomously from services like Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio or TuneIn Plus. Continue reading

ASUS Zenbook NX500, new candidate for those seeking Ultrabook with 4K display

ASUS continues its series of ultrabooks of the Zenbook family, and joined its latest model ready for the Christmas season: ASUS Zenbook NX5000, which certainly highlights the 4K touchscreen which, all told, begins to glimpse as common in higher-end equipment.

ASUS Zenbook NX500

ASUS Zenbook NX500 comes with 15.6-inch format with 4K resolution, and sends the last canons of the features. It is Ultrabook which, although far from the thinnest, proposes a very demure weight and dimensions: 19 millimeter thick and 2.4 kilogram weight, along with high characteristics that position it as a really pointer equipment. Continue reading

Canon 7D Mark II analysis

Finally, after five years since it hit the market the first Canon 7D, Canon company chose this in 2014, and more specifically Photokina, to present the renewal. The APS-C model range of Canon SLR awaited within users finally arrived, the Canon 7D Mark II.

Canon 7D Mark II

The camera itself does not require much introduction. We face the professional APS-C DSLR (that’s how cataloged and not necessarily for lack of a FF sensor does not have to stop being) the full range of brand products. A camera which although broadly it can be holder of continuity, the truth is that the very great renewal of its AF, excellent shooting speed and an excellent new measuring mode make it have some degree of novelty and very suitable for sports and wildlife. All under a new sensor with the same Dual Pixel technology that the Canon 70D. Continue reading

HP Sprout puts a spotlight on desktop service

HP was preparing something different for its next desktop and finally the rumor that a projector integrated into their idea of the future home computer has been confirmed. HP Sprout is an all in one characteristic of the Californian company, but that includes an element until now not been seen for this type of product. It aims to create a virtual touchpad when we combined it with a custom 20-inch and 20 points of contact.

HP Sprout

Clear focus for creative
Think of this HP Sprout outside the scope of creative and design does not make sense for now. It is likely that HP will finally give relevance in years into the consumer market if the idea can move ahead and stay, but for now is not a product to the public. Continue reading

MB Chronowing: The first HP smartwatch

The smartwatch industry has proven to be a market with great potential that has attracted the interest of major technological and within the same scene can add to HP, who just introduced the MB Chronowing.

MB Chronowing

This smart watch stands out clearly from approach whereby have chosen firms such as Apple or Samsung; since HP has remained closer to what can be considered as a traditional watch.

The above is not bad, since as we can see it allows MB Chronowing to display a high-quality finish and a very attractive design, thanks to the use of stainless steel and the collaboration of the designer Michael Bastian. Continue reading

OSRC, a broadcaster to operate them all

The power of Open Source to reach the remote control: under the acronym OSRC (Open Source Remote Control) lies an interesting project that will control any device with a single control and to personalize the control panel according to the user. OSRC is under crowdfunding and promises to revolutionize the world of R/C.


Combining a modular hardware with Linux-based software, OSRC proposes a command made up of interchangeable modules (from special commands for each type of vehicle to touch screens for a perspective in the first person).

Thus, the amateur and professional R/C will only need a single station, customizable and likely to upgrade, and that will get behind the user community makes great open source philosophy. Continue reading

ASUS EeeBook X205, Another Windows laptop for $199

ASUS revives its range of netbooks with a laptop that is attached to the offer of economic models with Windows 8.1 as the HP Stream 11, sponsored by Microsoft and Intel, and aim to finish with increased sales of Chromebooks from Google.

ASUS EeeBook X205

Putting this ASUS EeeBook X 205 in perspective, we must remember that the first Eee PC in 2007 had a 7-inch display, had an Intel Celeron and cost $400.

The EeeBook X205 features a display of 11.6 inch with HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Its processor is an Intel Atom quad-core Z3735 at 1.33 GHz with 2GB RAM and 32GB flash memory for storage. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3: High-end smartphone with a great camera

After four generations of models, Sony Xperia Z3 arrive, mobile has grown slightly in size and weight, but also in screen size, processor speed, RAM, and above all on camera specifications.

Sony Xperia Z3

This terminal can compete well with the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, or HTC One (M8). We start talking about its design; the brand has finally taken a step forward in terms of design that respect. The company abandoned the straight edges that shaped the rest of the Xperia family and presents the OmniBalance design with slightly rounded curved edges that help, and much to the terminal mounting, being made of aluminum. Continue reading

Sony SmartWatch 3 available from November 4

Sony brings its intelligent clock earlier than planned (expected by mid-November), becoming one of the first manufacturers to sell a product with Android Wear. The new Sony SmartWatch 3 will be available from November 4 for a recommended price of 229 euros.

Sony SmartWatch 3

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is a discrete device, lightweight (38 grams) and a 1.6-inch display. Among its features are worth highlighting the IP68 certification which ensures resistance to dust and water, and its battery of 420 mAh, which guarantees two days of autonomy. Continue reading

Oppo N3, new top of range with rotary camera

OPPO presented earlier today in China its new flagship: The N3. A top terminal range that returns with a single rotating camera which we will be able to use both for self-portraits as to make normal photos. Its presentation was very discreet and also has performed with the R5 model only 4.85mm thick.


Once more N series returns to be the reference of OPPO and at the moment the perspectives to see it out of China are complicated. Let’s see what new offers this Chinese manufacturer because, on paper, the changes are fairly discrete and are running a fairly conservative renewal. Continue reading