Microsoft buys acompli and its mail applications for iOS and Android

Microsoft has bought Acompli. The operation announced by Rajesh Jha, corporate vice president of Outlook and Office 365. These departments are precisely those that welcome accompli products and equipment of the startup that made them possible.

Microsoft buys acompli

For those who do not know, Acompli is a small startup in just 18 months of life created with the intention of improving the experience of email on mobile. It counts with individual applications for iOS and Android, with support for multiple accounts, including Exchange. Its combine email and calendar in one place, and have all kinds of shortcuts and extra features to more comfortably handle all mail, contacts and attachments. Continue reading

Monitoring parameters at home with small sensors Clime

It is neither the first, nor will it be the last sensor for the home that we will present. The proposed Clime is based on small sensors placed around the house, to collect information on the temperature or humidity.

Clime sensors

The idea is that we can cover the home at a reasonable price, without making a big investment, but no less rigorous in its measurements. It also committed a design easy to hide or to integrate anywhere.

Another issue is to ensure that the sensors work really well, and find the utility to the matter, probably many of us do not find it at the moment, but there are a lot of potential by little we see examples and utilities. How to detect water leaks, tell us when a plant needs to be watered, notifying that the sun has risen, or even as a security system with elements that move from place, are some of its applications -Polish – developer company puts us some examples: Continue reading

Google starts selling the Liftware spoons for Parkinson’s patients

The company Lift Lab began developing a stabilizing spoon to combat tremors suffering especially Parkinson patients. Google acquired the company and its Manager continued that line of work in the Google X division.

Liftware spoon

After all these months we have new news: Liftware spoons have been for sale for a price of $295. Those responsible for this development ensure that this device can reduce by 76% the tremors that the user of this solution would with a conventional spoon. Continue reading

This wallet is the best friend of your smartphone and vice versa

It is almost certain that without the fever of the collective funding and their platforms, we would not see products like SmartWallet. Accustomed to seeing lately to wallets that are looking for extreme minimalism, finally see one that tends to be useful for a smartphone and vice versa.


The SmartWallet may seem a traditional wallet on the outside, but inside, besides money, hides a GPS and an internal battery of 1000 mAh that make it very special. Continue reading

Onecue proposes gestures to finish with all the controls of the lounge

We were up talking about control systems, and seem to continue on the same line, but this time with a device more focused on staying in the living room, or at least near a TV. We talked about Onecue, an accessory that aims to control many of our devices.


The living room is populated by gadgets, each with its own way of interacting with us, which in most cases has to do with a remote control. Unify control methods are always welcome, as a convenient system is achieved, if we also include new technology, we may find ourselves with an interesting mix.

Kinect style
Looking at the pictures you have already related to Onecue with a device like Kinect – not loved by all – by their shapes. The idea is similar, an eye waiting for vigilant our actions to then change parameters in TV, music system, the smart thermostat, or even lights connected to WiFi. Continue reading

UBSOUND Fighter, in-ear headphones

UBSOUND Group is an Italian company specializing in consumer of electronics audio products, founded in 2011 in Milan. The main business of the company focuses on-ear headphones, MP3, DAP and high quality DAC. They recently contacted to introduce the UBSOUND Fighter, in-ear headphones and in this post we will analyze them.


UBSOUND Fighter – Specifications

  • 8mm dynamic driver of high performance (sensitivity of 92dB/mW)
  • Frequency response 20 – 20,000 Hz. Maximum distortion <0.5%
  • 1.2m anti-tangle flat cable
  • Aluminum body
  • 3 sets of pads including: S, M and L
  • Velvety carrier bag included.

Continue reading

Pantelligent is smart pan seeking to be better cooks

Gradually our home is filled with all kinds of devices communicating with each other, where intelligent word is already around and of course the kitchen could not be left out.


Pantelligent is a pan of 12 inches (30.48 cm) that integrates temperature sensors and a bluetooth antenna on the handle, which together with the application for our smartphone will connect to indicate the actions to take to prepare all kinds of recipes, many of them included in the same application. Continue reading

Stop bleeding in seconds might be possible with VetiGel

Close a wound that is bleeding heavily is not easy but Suneris proposes a solution with a gel created with plants that are able to stop bleeding in the skin or an organ in seconds. Its name is VetiGel and is already in use in some veterinary centers.


Unlike other gels that act as liquid bandages covering a wound, VetiGel not only stays on the surface but it is able to go further with deeper bleeding. According to the CEO of the company, it takes only 20 seconds for an open wound to stop bleeding completely. Continue reading

New Sony Alpha 7 II: now faster focusing and improved stabilization

At this point in the film, anyone who follows the world of cameras will meet either the A7, first to dare to take the mirror to a “full frame” system, with excellent results in both photo and video. Today we find its renewal.

Sony Alpha 7 II

With the name of Sony Alpha 7 II presents the new camera, in what might be considered as an evolution rather than a completely new model. While it is true that incorporates new features that are very important, especially those that deals with image stabilization.

The camera sensor remains at 24 megapixels, the group is able to work with a sensitivity that moves between ISO 100-25,600. Obviously frame remains Sony E. Continue reading

Motorola does not want to lose the keys or the mobile phone, regardless of whether this is iPhone

Bringing us the keys, mobile phone, wallet, watches and other items above has become a sort of constantly checking to see if we have not forgotten anything, so for years have been offering solutions not miss this important article.

motorola keylink

This being as now Motorola continues its way in the production of accessories revealing the new Keylink, a kind of key that plugs into your smartphone, whether Android or even iPhone, with the idea of helping us find the object where we have placed the Keylink, such as house or car keys. Continue reading