Oppo N3, new top of range with rotary camera

OPPO presented earlier today in China its new flagship: The N3. A top terminal range that returns with a single rotating camera which we will be able to use both for self-portraits as to make normal photos. Its presentation was very discreet and also has performed with the R5 model only 4.85mm thick.


Once more N series returns to be the reference of OPPO and at the moment the perspectives to see it out of China are complicated. Let’s see what new offers this Chinese manufacturer because, on paper, the changes are fairly discrete and are running a fairly conservative renewal. Continue reading

That is Honor, Huawei’s second brand that comes to Europe with its Honor 6

Huawei staged in Berlin yesterday bet the Chinese company for the European market. There unveiled two new smartphone models of Honor following the line of complete specifications without the price is a drawback entry.

A detail that makes it clear that Huawei wants a firm commitment to the European market is that Honor is separated as an independent brand in the array for deployment in Europe. And Yes, Honor 6 appeal comes to the head of its new terminals.

Direct sale at Amazon
In addition to the rebranding, the company announced the sale, regardless of the usual direct channels to consider (eg operators) are made via Amazon through an agreement reached with the e-commerce giant for the official release of the new smartphones in Europe.

The company also has set up a web site that claim that, as usual, consumers can send suggestions and requests to the company, especially in the field of software updates or the interface. If they manage to respond satisfactorily to the questions that always arise among consumers about future updates of the operating system of its new terminal, they will be successful.

Honor 6, the reference model
The model that Honor will be released in Europe is expected Honor 6. We are facing a terminal that price would be placed in the middle range but aspires to be considered for a higher level specifications. Continue reading

HP Slate 12 Pro and Slate 8 Pro, Android tablets with HP Duet Pen pointer

Although they have not sent official statement anywhere, HP has a couple of Android tablets ready to market, aimed at the business market, and in the case of one of the models, a considerable size.

The first model correspond to the name of HP Slate 12 Pro, and as can imagine its screen is as large as 12.3 inch, that Android is not a nothing common measure. The screen resolution is 1600 x 1200 pixels.

HP Slate 12 Pro

The companion of its presentation is a 7.7 inch model, known as HP Slate Pro 8. This time the screen resolution is far higher, with 2.048 x 1.536 pixels.

The American company will generate a bit of confusion the designation of the second model, since it already has on the market a tablet which is called HP Slate 8 Pro, which has little to do with which we are concerned. Continue reading

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, best convertible goes up to QHD and low to 1.20 kg

Lenovo has launched in London the third generation of its convertible Yoga computer. Tablet and laptop in a two-in-one that has earned the public of this category. This year it comes with new features very attractive inside and quite unique on the outside. This time Yoga concept not only rotates on a hinge but on a belt.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

This original design, according to Lenovo more resistant, makes the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is thinner and lighter than previous models. On the outside we also find higher resolution because despite having a size of 13 inches has a qHD screen + Harmony technology to suit personal preferences.

Thinner, lighter and with a curious hinge
This new generation of Lenovo stays at 12.8mm thick with open computer. This year, it has lost weight to fit in 1.19 kilos. The most significant change is found outside the belt have to replace the conventional hinge. Continue reading